Dr Saúl Vargas Sandoval

I am a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at ASOS.
I use Machine Learning to help customers discover clothes they will love.

A list of my publications is available here.
My PhD dissertation is titled "Novelty and Diversity Evaluation and Enhancement in Recommender Systems".
The code in my thesis resulted in the RankSys framework.

Do you want to get in touch? Hello@SaulVargas.es


Recommender Systems

Recommender Systems

My specialty and the topic of my PhD. I have implemented real-world recommender systems using Spark, Keras and Java. My research has been published in the most prestigious conferences in this field.

Information Retrieval

Search Engines

I have done research on the diversification of web search results and on query auto-completion for mobile search. I have experience working with Elasticsearch.

Scalability and Efficiency

Scalability and Efficiency

I develop algorithms for millions of users. I have experience in distributed computation with Spark and in writing optimised code in Java and Python.