Dr Saúl Vargas

Machine Learning & Data Science


A picture of me

¡Hola, Hi, Привет!

Welcome to my personal website. Let me introduce myself.

I am an applied Machine Learning practitioner that enjoys building products and services that millions can use. With the content explosion brought by the World Wide Web, a common challenge across different domains is assisting users finding the content they are interested in. There is where my work comes in. I have developed recommender systems for varied domains such as academic literature in Mendeley and fashion in ASOS. Lately, I have been working on other types of projects for the ride hailing company Bolt. Currently, I work for the Smart Buildings company Infogrid.

I received a PhD from the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM) in Spain under the supervision of Prof Pablo Castells. The research topic was the evaluation and enhancement of novelty and diversity in recommender systems. As a result of it, I wrote several research papers, a Java framework called RankSys and a dissertation.

I am happy to share my experiences in conferences, events and meetups when time allows it. In the last couple of years, I have participated in different events such as EGG London, Microsoft Build and Search Solutions.